Hello i'm DESSI S. ( ◉‿◉)✧ and this is my art/sketchblog where you can find my terrible doodles and some funny reblogs.
Please don't steal, edit or take my art without credit ≖‿≖
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Hello guys! sorry for not posting for so long, i made an instagram account in case you want to follow me there, thank you for reading :D!


Hello guys! i made another account for my reblogs since i want to keep that stuff separated from mi art blog :)

here —> starchain in case you want to follow me there too :D

i had this drawing forgotten and decided to finish it until now x’DDD
high resolution →
sigh i tried.
high resolution →
littleprincefox sent: Ahhh your art is so beautiful!! Thank you for the follow! (´・ω・`)

Your art is also super gorgeous ;w;! Thank you for following back <3!

i should burn myself .___.